sábado, 19 de maio de 2012

Virtual Sex Slaves

I am a shy person. But, despite of it, I am very deep sex lover. I will never show my real face here, all I want is a virtual place to be free, i mean that part of me that I bring hidden and safe in my deepest being.
If you, also have secrets fantasies, and like me, you dont want to make it come true, but only share your thoughts with someone that can understand you and accept you without force you to show yourself, but only express your secrets desires, feel free to join me in my virtual world of pleasure and sex.
My dream is to find a woman tha want to be my virtual sex slave, a woman that wish to do all to my pleasure, but for now I am just introducing this issue, i will talk about my fantasy soon, hope someone join me here, and sorry for my bad english it is not my original language. Any woman that feel the desire to talk to me can add me on dominusjosh@hotmail.com I will be very happy if at least one woman write me or add me on msn.

Dominus Josh

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